Science Camp 2017
Science Camp 2016-2017
Welcome Campers!,

Please visit this page to try to find answers and save any emails that are sent home for your reference.  

Link to Online Science Camp Permission Slip.  Please only fill out once.

Please read through and complete this form by Friday, Jan. 27th.  Required paperwork and packing list will be sent home closer to the time of the trip.  An email will be sent home letting you know what's required.   There will also be a parent meeting closer to the time of our trip.  

Q:  When and where is Science Camp?
A:  Monday May 8th - Wed. May 10th, 2017 at Aspen Creek Outdoor School, Prescott, AZ.  Also known as Chapel Rock.  Website:  We will leave early on Monday morning before school and be back in the afternoon on Wed.

Q:  Who can attend 6th Grade Science Camp?
A:  Anyone in 6th grade at Ashland Ranch as long as they keep up good grades and behavior.  We want all 6th graders to attend.  Ashland Ranch believes all children should benefit from extracurricular activities and experiences outside of school.  It is our goal to teach responsibility and establish rules at our school in accordance to District Policy that we believe makes for a safe learning environment.  We have thoroughly discussed classroom rules and have made it clear that these expectations will also apply at Science Camp.  Your child will not be able to attend Science Camp for severe discipline behaviors such as (but not limited to), physical fighting, ditching, vandalism of school property, or verbal defiance of an adult.  Students are responsible for making wise choices.  Rules have been reviewed and posted in the classrooms.  Please reiterate to your child about appropriate behavior, because we want everyone to experience Science Camp and the wonderful learning opportunity and the memories it creates.  

Q:  What if my child does not attend?
A:  This is not an excused absence if your child does not plan to attend.  He/She will be placed  in a 5th grade classroom with given assignments, it is up to you to call in to report their absence.
Q:  What is the cost to attend Science Camp and when is payment due?
A:  $175 per student and $90 per chaperone.  Monies are due Friday, March 10th, 2017 before Spring Break.  You can use 2017 tax credit to pay for Science Camp.  However, if you haven't donated for the 2016 school year you are still able to donate until April 15th for the year 2016.  Please note that chaperone money is not tax credit; tax credit can only be used for the student cost.  All chaperones are asked to make a separate check out to Ashland Ranch and send it to your child's teacher.  Even though all monies are due in March 2017, please consider making your payment as soon as you can.  The $175 will cover the cost of meals, travel, lodging, and supplies needed.  

Payment Information:
See the link below for greater details about making payment for Science Camp

Q:  Are chaperones needed?
A:  Yes!  We also would like a commitment from chaperones as soon as possible.  Spaces are limited and the number of chaperones needed will be determined by the number of girls and boys that are attending.  Parents, if you are considering being a chaperone we realize that this is a big commitment as you will be responsible for supervising a day  and night group.  This is one of the most memorable events of 6th grade for the students, and you make it possible with your time and contributions.  We are also aware there might be financial circumstances that will not allow you to make the $175 payment at once.  In this case we can set up a payment plan where you can send in $58 for the next 2 months and $59 the last.  Jan., Feb. and March.

Q:  How to get reminded and keep up with things going on with Science Camp?
A:  We will be sending out information and reminders but you have to follow us to get them. We are using the app
Get information and reminders by texting the message @17outdoor to the number 81010.
If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @17outdoor to (856) 432-1963.  

If you have any questions or concerns you can message via or email your classroom teacher.;;;
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